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Epson EB-1430 MeetingMate Interactive Projector

Enhancing the Meeting Room with the Epson MeetingMate

DIB Australia recently worked with Victoria Police to install the powerful Epson EB-1430Wi MeetingMate ultra short throw interactive projector. Once Victoria Police got in touch with DIB, the team worked to assess the meeting room and design the perfect custom audio visual solution. A complete interactive projector system was installed, which included wall input plates, speakers, and an Epson control panel.

The Epson MeetingMate is the ultimate interactive projector, packed with the latest features to revolutionise any traditional meeting room, classroom, or boardroom. Interactive projectors help to make presentations more engaging and provide for easy collaboration between participants in real time. Electronic content like videos, diagrams, spreadsheets, and websites can easily be incorporated into presentations. The MeetingMate’s finger touch capabilities mean that using the interactive whiteboard feels natural, like one massive touchscreen or tablet. Familiar multi-touch gestures like pinch to zoom make sure that the device is intuitive to operate.

Epson EB-1430 MeetingMate Interactive projector

Epson EB-1430 MeetingMate Interactive projector

The EB-1430 truly distinguishes itself with the ability to be used independent of any external device.  Traditional interactive projectors require users to plug in a laptop or computer. While this option is still available with the MeetingMate, users can also opt to use the projector as an interactive whiteboard independently, without the need for a PC! This facilitates the creation of instant meetings with next to no setup, where a powerful interactive whiteboard can be activated at the touch of a button. After the meeting has taken place the contents of the whiteboard can besaved to a USB, printed, or emailed for later reference using the coupled Epson control panel.

Epson EB-1400 series wall control panel

Epson EB-1400 series wall control panel

Altogether, the Epson MeetingMate will completely transform any meeting room. The versatile solution is perfect for all kinds of situations and is comes with all the functionality anyone could need while remaining staunchly reliable. DIB’s installation will give Victoria Police the means to hold high quality, engaging meetings.

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