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Gym Projector System at Cornish College

Cornish College is a high achieving school with a holistic and innovative approach to student development. DIB Australia have been working with Cornish to create modern facilities featuring the best in audio visual equipment. This blog post will look at the gym projector system installed for the school by DIB Australia.

A Epson EB-G6270W projector was installed to produce an impressive 140″ image. The Epson EB-G6270W has a powerful 6500 lumens of brightness which results in a vibrant picture, even if there is a little unpreventable natural light that is found in many school halls. Epson projectors also feature technology which lets them produce colours that are three times brighter than leading competitive products, resulting in a stunning display.

Epson EB-G6270W gym projector system projecting onto motorised screen

Epson EB-G6270W projecting onto motorised screen

The projector was coupled with a long throw lens which allowed it to cast its image from one side of the gym to the other. It was mounted across from the projector screen in a wall cage, providing protection and security for the projector unit. A motorised projection screen was also installed. This screen lowers and retracts at the touch of a button, making sure that it is not in the way when the system is not in use, and that the screen is front and centre when the projector is in use.

An Epson EB-G6270W inside the protective cage wall mount for gym projector system

Epson EB-G6270W projector inside the cage wall mount

A Joey Micro wall control panel was installed for the space. This favourite of many DIB clients works to simplify operation of any AV system. It features a number of clearly labelled buttons which allow users to turn the entire system on/off, adjust volume, and choose from the different sources.

The Joey Micro control panel, HDMI, VGA, and microphone ports for gym projector system

The Joey Micro control panel, HDMI, VGA, and microphone ports

VGA and HDMI wall ports were provided, along with a 3.5mm audio port. Two microphone sockets were also installed to allow for the connection of microphones for use in assemblies and presentations.

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