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EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector at Ringwood Secondary

EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector

EB-695Wi increases interactivity at Ringwood Secondary

Ringwood Secondary College prides itself on fostering a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment for students, ensuring that they are valued and cared for. In these spaces, they are able to engage effectively with the dynamic and challenging curriculum, further motivated by the staff to achieve and experience success. Ringwood Secondary strives to maintain its long and successful tradition of academic excellence that comes from their innovative learning practices. To do so, the College recognises the importance of utilising the latest educational technology to supplement a student’s learning.

Ringwood Secondary approached the team at DIB and expressed an interest in refurbishing the AV system in one of their library classrooms. This involved the installation of a new projector and speaker system.

Installation process

For this project, an EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector was selected. With 3500 ANSI lumens of output, the projector is able to produce vibrant, ultra-bright images that are incredibly captivating. Further, the projector is interactive. This means that the projector comes with a pen that turns any whiteboard into a interactive one without any additional hardware. Students and teachers alike can use their fingers or the pens to interact with the projector, adding an element of engagement to the usual classroom scene. The projector is also easy and simple to use, as the projector is self-calibrating, meaning that teachers can get on with the lesson without needing to worry about fiddling with the projector’s settings.

To supplement the speakers on the projector, DIB installed an EPSON 30 Watt stereo speaker to match the projector system. These 2 x 15 Watt speakers provide a means of audio reinforcement that will help carry sound throughout the classroom. A 3.5mm direct audio socket was also fitted to allow users to connect an external audio devices (like an iPod or similar device). This allows them to play audio directly to the speakers without needing the projector to be open.

For extra simplicity, DIB installed a JED 2 button wall control panel. These panels allow the user to easily and swiftly turn the system on or off, and help them select the source to be projected.

JED T430 2-Button Control Panel at Ringwood Secondary

JED T430 2-Button Control Panel

On the island desk, HDMI/audio input plates, along with a USB wall plate for interactive display, were fitted to allow users to connect their external devices.

HDMI and audio input plate at Ringwood Secondary

HDMI and audio input plate

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