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EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector at Kingswood College

EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector

Additional interactive projector for Kingswood College

With a philosophy centralised on the student’s wellbeing, Kingswood College is a co-educational school with a focus on supporting each student in their academic journey, ensuring that they achieve their personal best. By cultivating an inclusive school culture that welcomes and celebrates creativity, Kingswood College’s innovative and engaging program effectively establishes a foundation for life-long learning. Students leave the college as more well-rounded, forward-thinking individuals who are equipped with the skills needed to excel in their future vocation and general endeavors.

Kingswood College worked with the team at DIB in installing an additional interactive projector for one of their portable classrooms. This sort of educational technology serves to augment the traditional lesson.

Installation process

An EPSON EB-695Wi Interactive Finger Touch Projector was selected for installation. The projector’s 3,500 ANSI lumens of output means that it can produce ultra-bright, luminous images, ensuring that any presentations and displays are eye-catching and captivating. This serves to enhance the interactive experience the projector provides. With the ability to turn any whiteboard into a interactive one without any additional hardware, students and teachers alike can use their fingers or the pens to interact with the projector, adding an element of engagement to the classroom.

While the projector comes with in-built 16W speakers, DIB installed an EPSON 30 Watt stereo speaker system to provide audio reinforcement. These 2 x 15 Watt speakers, which match the installed projector, are powerful enough and easily carry high-quality sound throughout the classroom.

Example of projection and the EPSON 15W speaker at Kingswood College

Example of projection and the EPSON 15W speaker

A JED (T460) four button wall control panel was fitted in the room to provide an easier, simpler way of operating the new system. By placing all of the system’s functions in one central control panel, using the system is straight-forward and hassle free, which is essential in a busy classroom setting. The panel typically comes with buttons that turn the system on and off, control the volume and select the source to be projected.

HDMI and VGA/Audio input plates were installed in the room to allow for flexibility in connecting devices. As an interactive projector was installed, a USB wall plate made for interactive display was fitted. This allows users to plug a USB stick to use various functions of the projector, including saving notes directly to a USB.

JED (T460) four button wall control panel and HDMI and VGA/Audio input plates at Kingswood College

JED (T460) four button wall control panel and HDMI and VGA/Audio input plates

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