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15 Brighton Grammar School classrooms revamped

Brighton Grammar School is an Anglican school for boys. With a passion for developing, inspiring and guiding each boy on his journey to manhood, the school aims to provide an environment where students feel like they belong. In this welcoming environment, students are encouraged to “speak with integrity, listen empathetically, connect with others respectfully and empowered […]... Read More »

Aitken College’s learning centre gains interactive projectors

Aitken College prides itself on establishing an environment in which students are able to reach their full potential, expanding their skills and intellect while developing self-esteem and confidence. Guided by a diverse and imaginative curriculum, students are encouraged to use their expanding knowledge as a basis for investigation, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. The College encourages […]... Read More »

Increased interactivity at Bellbridge Primary

Bellbridge Primary aims to educate students in a learning community where they can be supported in their learning and step out of their comfort zone by engaging in new opportunities and endeavours. They encourage positive behavior in order to create a cohesive learning environment where students and staff alike can feel safe. Moreover, Bellbridge Primary places a […]... Read More »

New projector install at Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College encourages and supports its students in achieving their personal best. With a primary focus on faith education that permeates throughout their education model, the school’s ever-changing, stimulating curriculum challenges students to unlock their potential and achieve excellence in their academic pursuits. The College seeks to imbue a love of learning and foster a […]... Read More »

Interactive AV equipment innovates B2B’s Tavistock Place

B2B Project & Construction Management aspires to offer innovative project & construction management services to suit their clients’ construction and development needs. The company has a big emphasis on keeping their clientele their top priority. By striving to combine experience and efficiency, they hope to ensure that their rapport with their clients is maintained whilst providing […]... Read More »

Apollo Parkways PS gets eight new projectors

Apollo Parkways Primary School, located in Greensborough, provides an opportunity for all students to experience an extensive curriculum in a caring, yet challenging atmosphere. With a veritable array of excellent facilities and resources, Apollo Parkways establishes its high profile with regard to ICT and education excellence. The school values life long learning in a global […]... Read More »

Araluen boardroom reinvigorated by new AV equipment

Araluen is a support service that provides a wide range of aid to people with intellectual disabilities. These services facilitate, support, encourage and enable people to fulfill their goals and reach their full potential, building their skills and boosting their self-confidence. Araluen continues to inspire, empower and support people across Melbourne’s north-east suburbs thanks to the administrative […]... Read More »

Projector upgrades for Westall Secondary College

Westall Secondary College strives to foster a learning environment that aims to push students to achieve their best in all aspects of their schooling life. As such, the educational, physical, social and emotional development of each student is at the forefront. With a relentless focus on continuous improvement, the school sets high expectations for their students, […]... Read More »

Caulfield Grammar’s Roy Hoult gets new AV equipment

Caulfield Grammar School seeks to provide quality learning for all their students, shaping them into responsible citizens well equipped for the rapidly changing world ahead. The school recognizes that having the best in educational technology is important when providing the best learning experience. This commitment to having the best technological facilities possible means that their students have access to the best resources […]... Read More »

PA System upgrade at Preston West Primary

Preston West Primary aims to provide a safe, stimulating and supportive space that help students reach their full potential in all aspects of their schooling experience – academically, socially and personally. With a rich history of educational excellence, the school is committed to nurturing students in an environment that gives them the opportunities for participation, leadership, goal […]... Read More »