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Recent Installations

Unique AV installation at St Joseph’s Church

DIB Australia were approached by Father Laurence McNamara to consult on and conduct a unique installation in the beautiful St Joseph’s Catholic church in the suburb of Malvern. They required a specific AV solution which would give the impact needed for its very large space, while at the same time blending into the building when […]... Read More »

Upgraded IT conference room at Caulfield Grammar School

Caulfield Grammar School is a private school with a campus located in Malvern. Caulfield Grammar School is determined to provide quality learning for all their students, shaping them into responsible global citizens. Thus, Caulfield Grammar recognises that using the best in educational technology is central to providing the best learning experience. This commitment to having the best technological facilities possible ensures that […]... Read More »

Mackillop Catholic Regional College gets an AV upgrade

Mackillop Catholic Regional College, located in the Melbourne suburb of Werribee is a co-educational high school. The school has been in operation since 1970 and since then has provided students with the best educational opportunities. The school offers a range of speciality subjects including the teaching of ICT. Mckillop stated on their website that they […]... Read More »

Brand new EPSON EB-680 for St Stephen’s School

St Stephen’s School is a Catholic primary school located in the Victorian suburb of Reservoir. This school provides premier education through teaching subjects such as information technology, languages and extra-curricular sports activities. St Stephen’s School’s aim is to make “Children at St Stephen’s are inspired to find and develop their God-Given talents through a rigorous and […]... Read More »

New Interactive Projector for Presbyterian Ladies’ College

The Junior School of Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC) is dedicated to providing a rich learning environment. PLC encourages and challenges students whilst allowing them to thrive and develop at their own pace. In doing so, the school helps girls gain a strong understanding of the world. Thus, PLC understands the importance of having the latest technology […]... Read More »

Glenroy Central Primary School updates their AV facilities

Glenroy Central Primary School is a public school located in the Melbourne suburb of Glenroy. The school is co-educational and caters to approximately 240 students, expected to increase to over 300 students in the future. This school provides flexible, open learning spaces to encourage collaboration in the classroom. The school stated, “Glenroy Central Primary school […]... Read More »

Small AV Upgrade for Camberwell Grammar School

Camberwell Grammar School cultivates a supportive, safe and inclusive learning culture. Students are imbued with a love of learning, pushing them to exceed their goals and meet high academic standards. In Junior School, Camberwell Grammar School builds the critical foundations necessary for future learning. By centring their curriculum around a wide range of different subjects and […]... Read More »

St Kilda PS gets a tech-makeover with EPSON EB-685Wi

St Kilda Primary School is a school located in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda. The school opened 1875 and caters to over 600 students from Prep to Year Six. St Kilda Primary is a premier, co-educational school which aims to “provide students with the skills and attitudes that will be needed in their future”. […]... Read More »

Trinity Grammar School gains a new EPSON EB-2250WU

Trinity Grammar School is a private school located in the Melbourne suburb of Kew. It is an all-male school which believes in “preparing our students to flourish in the dynamic, competitive and challenging global environment of the 21st century”. Trinity Grammar School provides a wide variety of subjects for students and promotes the use of […]... Read More »

Victoria Police Highway Patrol

Victoria Police Highway Patrol recently received a new AV upgrade to really spruce up their presentation space. Some nice new screens with modern presentation hardware means they can hold memorable meetings and give pretty presentations. The Highway patrol received two of everything, giving this job a slick sense of symmetry along with an aesthetically pleasing […]... Read More »